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Trails are Critical Investments in Regional Transportation Measure

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

On January 13th, Metro Council will be hosting a public hearing on a proposed regional transportation funding measure. It is critical for folks who care about regional trails to show up to share the importance of off-street trails for walking and biking.

Public Hearing on T2020 Regional Transportation Measure

Monday, January 13, 6-9 pm Metro Council Chambers, 600 NE Grand, Portland

Why is this measure important for trails?

The Portland region has a strong regional trails plan within our regional transportation plan that could be transformative for people trying to walk and bike to essential services, and for people who can't imagine biking as transportation now, because they don't feel safe on our roads. Our trails are critical green infrastructure that increase transportation equity and climate and emergency resilience.

Many small projects within the regional trails plan can be accomplished through the Parks and Nature bond and through Regional Flexible Funds, but these existing funding sources are not large enough to invest in closing significant gaps in the network like building major bridges and completing longer trail segments. The transportation measure is a critical opportunity for trails specifically as local governments cannot fund trails outside road right of way with gas tax dollars.

RSVP for the January 13th hearing, and arrive early to sign-up to testify.

Edit: We're especially encouraging Coalition partners to share support for the following:

-Full funding for the Council Creek Trail in the TV Highway Corridor in Washington County

-Funding for the Trolley Trail Bridge in Clackamas County

-Full funding for trail crossing and connectivity improvements in all corridor project lists

-A dedicated fund for bridge projects that address major barriers to a connected regional trail network.

-A just transportation measure that centers safety, health, equity, and climate resilience.

Can't make the hearing? Use the form provided by our friends at Getting There Together to submit your comments:

The Oregon Trails Coalition is a Getting There Together coalition member.

people walking in completed portion of npGreenway next to river
completed portion of npGreenway that connects to the Daimler campus on Swan Island.

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