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We envision a statewide network of sustainable trails that:

Connect Oregonians of all backgrounds and abilities to the outdoors,

Build a culture of environmental and cultural stewardship and healthy recreation,

Provide an off-street network for traveling within and between Oregon communities,

Attract a wide range of users that contribute to Oregon’s urban and rural economies


The Oregon Trails Coalition is a cooperative body of broad-based, statewide trail interests dedicated to supporting, promoting, and advocating for the preservation, development, and stewardship of a statewide network of sustainable, world class trails. The Oregon Trails Coalition strives to ensure that Oregon’s trails benefit all of our residents and visitors, and inspire respect for Oregon’s natural and cultural resources. 


Collaboration  •  Stewardship and Conservation  •  Individual and Community Health  •  Honoring a diversity of abilities, personal and cultural histories, and contributions  •  Strong Local Economies  •  Joy, Curiosity, Education, and Wonder  •  Access to Outdoor Recreation and Active Transportation for All Oregonians  •  Transparency, Accountability, and Information Sharing

The Oregon Trails Coalition is guided by a broad advisory board representing trails enthusiast groups, public agencies, land managers, outdoor industry, travel and tourism partners, and other trails professionals and community leaders.  Learn more.

Trailkeepers of Oregon currently serves as the non-profit fiscal sponsor of the Oregon Trails Coalition

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