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Trail Stewardship

Trails don't maintain themselves.

Help take care of the trails you love by connecting with the established trails stewardship organizations on this map.  


Many trail groups in Oregon are active in caring for a number of trails and trail systems across a broader area than represented by the pins on this map. If you don't see a map pin at your favorite trail head, try visiting the websites of groups working in the broader area caring for the types of trails you love most.  You may discover they're already active in caring for your favorite trails too! 


Have an update for the map? Fill out this form.  

Let’s Work Together

Learn more about First Aid/ CPR Training for Trail Crews.

Check our our training directory and statewide training calendar. 

Are you a land manager or stewardship partner working in Oregon? Learn more about our Trail Stewardship Coordination Workgroup: 

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