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Trail Planning Made Clear


Ready, Set, Plan!? is a guide for anyone who wants to better understand trails planning, decision making, and trail project development. If you’re a trail enthusiast with big ideas, a trail advocate, a stewardship volunteer, or public agency staff person interfacing with local partners, this guide is for you.

The guide was made possible with support from Bureau of Land Management and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. 

View or download the full guide.

Appendix A: Resource Links

Appendix B: Project Worksheet

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Trail Development Triumphs and Pitfalls Report

Trail Development Triumphs and Pitfalls is a 2022-2023 study and report authored by Gabriel Amadeus Tiller with support from Travel Oregon to document challenges and successes that new trail projects experience throughout their development lifespan in Oregon, with the goal of making future processes more efficient and effective at achieving project goals.

View and download the full report

View report charts and quotes available as individual graphics.

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Government Funding Sources for Trails Matrix developed by the 40 Mile Loop. 

Oregon Signature Trails Inventory Report developed by Oregon Trails Coalition with support from Travel Oregon, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, and the NPS-Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program

Oregon Signature Trails Vision developed by Oregon Trails Coalition, Travel Oregon, and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

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