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  • Steph Noll

Signature Trails Inventory Project

Photo montage of person mountain biking, kids walking on dirt trail, person riding adaptive bike on pavement, two people paddling a canoe, a 4 wheeler on sand, a man with a horse, and people bicycling on a dirt road.

Signature Trails provide access to iconic places and are longer distance trails or trail systems that create opportunities for scalable experiences. In 2019, Oregon Trails Coalition worked with partners to publish an Oregon Signature Trails Vision that imagined what it could look like for Oregon to have a world-class system of Signature Trails.

Now we need your help identifying the most important Signature Trails to your region and for different trail user groups.

Join us at an upcoming virtual, regional forum to share your signature trails priorities and near-term investment needs for forwarding opportunities for Oregonians to access world-class experiences in our own backyards.

Participation and outreach stipends are available for community organizations and individual community leaders from underrepresented communities through a simple request form.

Request accommodations for participation by contacting Steph at 503-290-4569 or

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