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Oregon Trails Coalition November 2020 Ballot Endorsements

The Oregon Trails Coalition has endorsed two measures on some Oregonians' ballots this November.

Our Advisory Council and Board of Directors evaluated these measures based on our goal of preserving and increasing trails funding in Oregon and our values of: Collaboration  •  Stewardship and Conservation  •  Individual and Community Health  •  Honoring a diversity of abilities, personal and cultural histories, and contributions  •  Strong Local Economies  •  Joy, Curiosity, Education, and Wonder  •  Access to Outdoor Recreation and Active Transportation for All Oregonians  •  Transparency, Accountability, and Information Sharing

Metro area voters:

A YES vote on Measure 26-218 will fund investments in:

  • Council Creek Trail connecting Hillsboro and Forest Grove

  • Planning for NE Alderwood to NE Killingsworth Path

  • I-84 Path connections at Fremont St. and at 181st Ave

  • Trolley Trail Bridge over Clackamas River

  • $9 million annual investment in Regional Walking and Biking Connections defined as:  pedestrian and bicycle bridges over major roads, waterways and other barriers; paved trails; bikeways protected from vehicle traffic.

This broad transportation measure also includes major transit, safety, and other road investments and will create tens of thousands of jobs. Learn more about why a broad coalition is supporting the measure and why.

City of Portland voters:

A YES vote on Measure 26-213 will:

  • Protect and maintain parks, natural areas, streams, wetlands, trees, and other natural features in urban areas by increasing the removal of invasive species, pruning, planning, and trail maintenance;

  • Expand programs for people of color and children experiencing poverty to connect with nature;

  • Fund recreation programs, community centers, and pools; and

  • Provide park maintenance, increasing litter and biohazard removal, restroom cleaning, and playground inspections and repairs.

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