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Oregon Signature Trails Inventory Report Release

The Oregon Signature Trails Inventory Report identifies fifteen long-distance trails ripe for investment to provide world class experiences in Oregon. Signature trails distill the iconic beauty of Oregon into unforgettable, seamless experiences. Investing in signature trails will elevate pride and prosperity for communities across the state, providing amazing experiences for Oregonians in their own backyards.

A photo montage of a dune buggy on the beach, a hiker on a cliff overlooking the Columbia River, an adaptive, recumbent bike user on a paved path, two people in a wood canoe, a father and young sun  searching a tide pool, two young girls walking under a covered bridge, and two horeseback riders on the beach

Beginning in April 2022, the Oregon Trails Coalition and a steering committee comprised of federal, state, and local agency recreation staff engaged a broad group of stakeholders across the state in sharing their vision and priorities for existing and potential signature trails in Oregon. A year later, the Coalition is celebrating the release of the Oregon Signature Trails Inventory Report and map, detailing the findings of the inventory process and recommendations for investment.

Partners around the state are enthusiastic about the report. "We're glad the Salmonberry Trail is part of the Oregon Signature Trails Inventory and are hopeful that this report will help galvanize the strategic collaboration and investment needed to fully realize these beloved, community-driven trail development efforts," said Caroline Fitchett, Executive Director of the Salmonberry Trail Foundation.

Signature trails are defined by

• Providing access to iconic places

• Creating opportunities for scalable or multi-day experiences

• Providing consistency in trail conditions and route finding

• Integrating with public and private transportation services, lodging, cultural amenities, and other services

• Being accompanied by robust trip planning resources

• Serving as a source of pride and prosperity for Oregon communities

The Signature Trails Inventory project received financial support from Travel Oregon and the Oregon Trails Fund, technical support from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and the National Park Service- Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program, and design services from Renee Patrick Consulting.

Watch our our April 27, 2023 Launch Celebration with updates about: Applegate Ridge-Jack Ash Trail, Blue Mountains Trail, Corvallis to the Sea Trail, Gorge Towns to Trails, Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail-Marine Drive-npGreenway, Joseph Branch Trail, Oakridge-Westfir Mountain Bike Center, Oregon Desert Trail, Oregon Timber Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and the Salmonberry Trail, and check out the Oregon Signature Trails Story Map created by Renee Patrick Consulting.

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