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2022 Oregon Legislative Session: Bills We're Tracking

The following bills may be of interest to the Oregon trails community. Click on a bill link to view the full text, subscribe to updates, view the bills' sponsors, see when hearings or work sessions are scheduled, and follow the links to committee agendas for hearings to submit public testimony or sign up to testify. The 2022 Oregon short session is in progress and moves fast!

HB 4077: Renames Environmental Justice Task Force as Environmental Justice Council. Modifies membership and duties of council. Directs Department of Environmental Quality and Oregon Health Authority to develop environmental justice mapping tool. Directs natural resource agencies to consider results of environmental justice mapping tool when developing administrative rules or agency policies or programs.

SB 1546: Establishes Elliott State Research Forest consisting of lands formerly constituting Elliott State Forest. The mission of establishing the Elliott State Research Forest is to create an enduring, world-class research forest that:

(a) Advances and supports forest health, climate resilience, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, recovery of imperiled species, water quality and quantity, recreational opportunities and local economies.

(b) Is managed to promote collaboration, partnerships, inclusive public processes and


SB 1534: Establishes state policy to increase carbon sequestration in natural and working lands and waters. Requires certain agencies to monitor progress implementing state carbon sequestration policy and report findings to Oregon Global Warming Commission.

Directs commission to appoint natural and working lands and waters advisory committee.

HB 4076: Relating to recreational immunity of owners of coastal lands. Grants immunity to owners of coastal lands for use of or entry upon lands for recreational purposes.

HB 4130: Appropriates moneys to Department of Transportation for wildlife corridor projects.

Private Forest Accords: SB 1501 SB 1502 HB 4055 Housing: There are a number of bills this session related to affordable housing, rental assistance, and solutions to houselessness. Houselessness and trails has repeatedly been brought up as an issue of importance by Coalition members. HB 4123: Relates to coordinated homeless response systems; declaring an emergency. Requires Oregon Department of Administrative Services to provide grants for certain coordinated homeless response systems.

Oregon State Capitol with cherry trees blooming in the foreground

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