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  • Steph Noll

Trails Investments headed to the November Ballot in Portland Metro Region as part of Parks and Natur

Yesterday Metro Council voted unanimously to refer a new Parks and Nature Bond to Portland Metro area voters in November. The bond measure will not increase the property tax rate for residents and will generate $475 million in parks and nature investments including $40 million dedicated to bike and pedestrian trails. Hard and soft surface trails are also eligible projects within the bond's "Local Share" and "Nature in Neighborhoods" grant programs.

At yesterday's Council meeting, four individuals testified primarily on the value of trails investments in our communities including representatives of NW Trail Alliance, American Trails, the 40-Mile Loop Land Trust, and Oregon Mountain Bike Coalition. Almost one hundred individuals and organization leaders signed on to our letter to Metro Council in May.

The Oregon Trails Coalition plans to work closely with the Intertwine Alliance and other partners to help support the campaign for a Yes vote on the Parks and Nature Bond in November.

In addition to the trails investments in the bond, we'd like to celebrate the overall bond's commitment to increase racial equity and access to nature, and build local resilience in the face of climate change.

A person walking and person using a motorized chair hike on board walk through a natural area

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