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Oregon Trails Coalition provides scholarships for TKO Tread School, May 17-19, 2019

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

The Oregon Trails Coalition is pleased to provide up to ten scholarships for Coalition partners who would benefit from the trails skills training provided in TKO's upcoming Tread School in the Zigzag Ranger District of Mt. Hood National Forest, May 17-19, 2019.

What can you learn at Tread School?

  • Importance of safety while performing trail stewardship

  • Introduction to understanding hillside hydrology and how trails work

  • Using your “Trail Eyes” to accurately survey a trail corridor for logs, brushing, and tread needs

  • Safe use of loppers and hand saws for effective lopping and sawing skills to protect trees and maximize efficiency

  • How to identify cupped tread and restore it to appropriate outslope by removing slough and berm

  • How to identify and clean drain dips and water bars effectively

  • Trail Assessment & Project Management

  • Drainage Design

  • Turnpike Prep & Install

  • Tread Reconstruction

The Oregon Trails Coalition is dedicated to providing opportunities for cross pollination, skill building, and relationship building across the state. If your organization or local community would benefit from sending one or more volunteers to tread school, and a scholarship would make that possible, please apply!

A full scholarship covers training, meals, and bunk or camping space.

Request a scholarship by emailing Natalie Ferraro and inquiring about an Oregon Trails Coalition scholarship.

Tread School is hosted by Trailkeepers of Oregon with support from the National Forest Foundation and Oregon’s Mount Hood Territory.

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