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  • Kim McCarrel

Share the Trails

We all love our trails. But who has the right of way?

Whether you like to hike, mountain bike, or ride a horse, we all want to enjoy our trails safely. But what do you do when you meet a horse, or a hiker, or a mountain bike rider on the trail?

To answer that question, a group of Central Oregon mountain bike riders, equestrians, and hikers collaborated to create a video that highlights proper trail etiquette.

Sharing the trail is easy: just Stop, Speak, and Smile!

The 2-minute video was produced by Wahoo Films in Bend, and was funded by the Deschutes Trails Coalition, Oregon Equestrian Trails, Central Oregon Trails Alliance, Back Country Horsemen, and the Sisters Trails Alliance.

They also made a 30-second version.

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