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  • Jim Sjulin

Government Funding Sources for Trails Information Resource

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Government Funding Sources for Trails is brought to you by the 40 Mile Loop and the Oregon Trails Coalition.

This resource is intended to be a window into all government funding sources that are available for trail projects in the State of Oregon and in the Oregon portion of the Portland metropolitan region. The main worksheet is a matrix initiated by Jim Sjulin of the 40 Mile Loop in early 2021 and went on-line at the Oregon Trails Coalition website in July, 2021.

About the Resource

Generally, the Matrix tab describes ongoing grant programs and ongoing funding resources. Currently the landscape of government funding sources also includes substantial sums in infrastructure investment. Some information is included here about those sources on individual worksheets but it's a very dynamic situation. Contact your US Senator or Congressional Representative about these new opportunities.

How to Use the Resource

The version available to everyone is a Google sheet that can be saved as an Excel file. The main worksheet is set up with a row for each funding source and columns of information that compare and contrast where funds come from, how funds may be used, recent funding history, funding cycles, and contact information. Nearly every funding source also has its own tab or worksheet to accommodate additional information about the funding source. To easily get to any worksheet tab of interest, just use the link in column "C" on the matrix worksheet. If a funding source has its own website, a web address is in column "D". All worksheets have a link back to the Matrix worksheet as well. Since government funding sources make extensive use of abbreviations and acronyms, there is also a worksheet entitled "Abb. & Acronyms" to help demystify the jargon. "Federalization" also has its own worksheet.

Keeping the Resource Up To Date

Things change all the time. Jim Sjulin is volunteering to keep this information up-to-date for a year, ending July, 2022. If you know of additional government funding resources that you think should be included, or if you know of changes to or additional information about funding sources included here, please let Jim know:

503.804.6957 phone / text

For more resources related to trails planning and development visit our trail planning page.


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