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Nominate Oregon Wild and Scenic Rivers before January 20th!

Guest post by Priscilla Macy

Oregon is home to some of our nation's most amazing and scenic rivers. From the Illinois to the Umpqua, the Owyhee to the Santiam, we have an impressive diversity of majestic waterways that provide an abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Oregon is blessed with 110,994 miles of major rivers and streams but only 2173 miles are protected as Wild and Scenic Rivers. Many additional miles for river protection remain and Senator Ron Wyden is aiming to seize this opportunity!

This October marked the 51st anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Senator Wyden announced a nomination process to designate new Wild and Scenic Rivers in Oregon. Adding more Oregon river miles would mean better protections for drinking water, recreation, and the fish and wildlife that rely on our state's incredible waters. This is an incredible opportunity to contribute to protecting Oregon's natural heritage. The nomination process will continue through January 20, 2020.

Oregon Trails Coalition partner, American Whitewater, has made it easy to nominate a few rivers here that they have identified as important to recreation and paddling. If you want to nominate a river not on their list, they have a few guidelines and tips to help you craft your letter, and nominate your own favorite, currently unprotected, Oregon river.

Speak up for Oregon's rivers today! 

Submissions can be sent through Jan. 20, 2020 to

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