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  • Steph Noll

Trails for Us — How Trails Benefit Our Local Communities: Webinar Recording Now Available

Updated: May 24, 2022

When we hear about economic benefits of trails, the focus is usually on the impact that visitor spending brings. But trails are first and foremost local resources, often constructed and maintained with no small amount of local commitment and effort. So how can we talk about the value of trails in a way that focuses on local community benefits? In this webinar, Michele Archie, principal of The Harbinger Consultancy, reviews what studies tell us about how trails benefit communities and outlines some simple, practical ways you can demonstrate this for your own trails.Presentation is followed by discussion and Q&A.

Michele Archie is principal of The Harbinger Consultancy, nationally known for its integrated approach to rural community and economic development. For 30 years, Michele has helped conservation, heritage and economic development organizations collaborate with small towns and rural communities, and helped these communities work together regionally, often using economic analysis to fuel new approaches to sustainable growth. She co-chairs the National Geotourism Council, an organization dedicated to place-sustaining tourism.

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