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  • Steph Noll

Celebrating 50 Years of Trails in Oregon!

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the Oregon Recreation Trails System Act. Passed by the Oregon Legislature in 1971, the Act directed Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) to create a statewide recreation trail system in coordination with other government agencies, partners, and the Oregon Recreation Trails Advisory Council (ORTAC). The Act inspired a new vision for trail advocates and public land managers.

Throughout 2021 Oregon Trails Coalition has worked with OPRD, ORTAC, and other partners to celebrate this important milestone and the legacy of the trail advocates, trail planners, trail builders, and volunteers who've built our Oregon trails system.

The 50th Anniversary of the Oregon Trails act is also a time to assess and look forward. More investment is needed to build the trails system we envision for Oregon for the next fifty years. The Oregon Trails Coalition is committed to advocating for public and private investment in Oregon trails and in working with our partners across the state to increase our shared stewardship capacity and make our trails safe and welcoming for all.

At the October Summit we hosted a 50th Anniversary Celebration providing a historical overview of the Trails Act and its impacts, featuring voices of early and current leaders in the trails community, highlighting signature trail projects from the past and present, and sharing a vision for the next 50 years of trails in Oregon.

We also worked with OPRD and ORTAC to develop a communications toolkit to help partners across Oregon join in celebrating the anniversary, the value of trails to our communities, and share an invitation to trail users to partner in caring for the trails we love.

Lastly, as part of the 50th Year Celebration, we launched the Oregon Trail Stewardship Map to celebrate work being done by stewardship groups around the state and help trail enthusiasts connect with groups in their community (or near a favorite recreation destination) to volunteer.

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