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Oregon Trails Coalition State Legislative Update and Training

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Yesterday, Cailin O'Brien-Feeney, Director of Oregon's Office of Outdoor Recreation, and

Priscilla Macy, Executive Director of Oregon Outfitters and Guides Association, joined us for a discussion of this session's bills and how people who care about trails can effectively advocate.

The webinar recording is available here.

Yesterday's presenters also shared the following helpful links:

Oregon Trails Coalition 2021 Priority Bills:

HB 2171: Governor's omnibus outdoor recreation bill, preserves and strengthens Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund and Office of Outdoor Recreation, forwards study of single online storefront for recreation passes, furthers universal design standards for outdoor recreation facilities, and strives to increase diversity on state advisory committees.

HB 2549: Waterway Access bill, requires agencies to send copies of reports on public access sites to State Marine Board and for board to make reports public, including by hosting map of reported sites on website. (supported by State Marine Board)

HB 2593: Search and Rescue bill, permits Office of Emergency Management to enter into agreement with nonprofit organization representing sheriffs under which organization is authorized to administer program to produce and sell outdoor recreation search and rescue cards; voluntary program to help fund search and rescue needs

HB 2913: Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund, repeals abolishment of Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund. Repeals sunset of Oregon Conservation and Recreation Advisory Committee. Appropriates moneys to Emergency Board, out of General Fund, to be allocated to State Department of Fish and Wildlife for purposes of Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund. Provides that moneys may only be released to department in increments matching deposits into fund from sources other than state government.

SB 395: Bike and Pedestrian Safety, Increases required expenditure on footpaths and bicycle trails from one percent to five percent of amounts received from State Highway Fund. "Footpaths and bicycle trails” as referred to in this bill are actually sidewalks and bike lanes in common vernacular as the State Highway Fund only applies to the road right of way. This bill would make more funding available to improve safety of trail crossings of roadways, segments of regional trails that fall in the road right of way, and improve bike and pedestrian access to parks and regional trails.

SB 289: Assigns penalties for bias crimes and harassment at state outdoor creation sites and public lands and waters.

HB 3281: Appropriates moneys from General Fund to State Parks and Recreation Department to complete development of Oregon Coast Trail

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